A Live Play More Powerful Than A Podium Makes Three Promises For Women's Pregnancy Center Directors, Board Members, or Fundraising Directors and/or Heads of Church, Community, or University Pro-Life Organizations

Promise #1: 
Tears of sadness, tears of joy, and audiences rising to their feet to celebrate Christ's victory over sin and self-condemnation. 
Live, professional, one-act theater is a more powerful, transformative, and record-breaking presentation than anyone behind a podium can ever be no matter how compelling the testimonial because of the straight-to-the-heart experience of audience members.

Promise #2: 
A sure cure for fundraising fatigue that comes from "another year in the same venue, with the same meal, and another speaker..." A live, professional dinner theater presentation brings new energy and inspiration to drive ticket sales to record heights.

Promise #3: 
Audience expansion.  A live, professional dinner theater presentation gives unsurpassed motivation for regular gala attendees to invite more friends, neighbors, business associates, church associates, and purchase more tables to accommodate them. Get ready to book larger venues.

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Support After Abortion Viable Live Play

Viable: The Truth of Christ's Love in One Act is The Most Unique and Powerful Program You Can Present at Your Gala or Event.

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