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What is a Christian worldview? Just think of seeing the world through God's eyes; a world where we use our free will to make the right and best choices.  Christian Creative Media tells stories from the most God-like perspective we can -- on stage, the page, and screen -- guided by Holy Scripture and His perfect love. 

Viable is our current project for the live stage. In 75 minutes, with three actors and two chairs, an unforgettable tale will unfold before you; a tale of heartbreak, grieving, sorrow, and shame. As only God can, He restores the wages of heartbreak, grieving, sorrow, and shame through grace, unmitigated mercy, and forgiveness. He puts condemnation aside in favor of comfort and compassion for a woman who has lost her child to abortion and paid a terrible emotional price.

The Viable storyline captures an unforgettable confrontation as an aborted child visits her mother nearly 30 years later. The mother has carried guilt and grief for all that time, trying all the while to protect her emotional stability by professing the mantras that abortion providers originally used to comfort her.  Despite her best efforts, the mother has always secretly questioned the pro-abortion stance she clung to so desperately to justify her decision.

Forgiven and restored, the mother vows to share both her long-held secret and her newly-found spiritual freedom with her living daughter who is considering an abortion. As highly controversial and electrically charged a social issue as abortion is, Viable follows a journey of forgiveness, renewal, and hope through the eyes of one woman who carried a burden of despair.

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Viable is not about the politics of abortion, legality of abortion, or even the constitutionality of abortion. Viable presents the truth about Christ's love, healing, and redemption. This dramatic presentation is one way we minister to the nation and the world to educate audiences about life events through the lens of a Christian worldview.

Viable is copyrighted, trademarked, and protected by the Dramatist Guild.

Viable Performances

Viable is premiering on Friday, June 28 and Saturday, June 29, at The First Presbyterian Church of Greenville (Downtown), 200 West Washington Street, Greenville, SC 29601 864.235.0496 Use the portico entrance off of Richardson Street to reach Harper Chapel. Curtain time is 7:00 PM on both nights in the Harper Chapel. A reception and display of healing art in sculpture and painting will begin at 6:00 PM prior to the play.

Admission and parking are free. Come and be blessed.
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Viable will also be performed on July 5, 2019 at the National Right to Life Convention in Charleston, SC. 
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Christian Creative Media's founder and executive producer, John Hoover, Ph.D., whose career began with a decade at the Walt Disney Company, wrote the simple, yet powerful one-act play, Viable. John is a New York Times best-selling author of some 15 books for publishers including Career Press, HarperCollins, McGraw-Hill, Sage, Saint Martin's Press, and Wiley.  In recent years, John felt a calling to break away from authoring books on organizational leadership and development, including executive coaching, in order to advance the Kingdom of God through the creative media where he began his career.

Please join us in spreading this unique, jubilant experience that informs and educates about how powerfully the love of Christ can transform lives. Christian Creative Media produces and licenses Christian productions in churches, theaters, universities, and conferences.  You can license your own production of Viable, engage Dr. Hoover as a visiting director, or bring a professional Viable cast to your church or organization just by contacting us.

Christian Creative Media is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. Thanks in advance for your prayerful support. The donate button is below. We look forward to meeting you at one of our performances.

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