The Truth of Christ’s Love 
Live On Stage in One Act

“A journey through raw emotion, revelation, and realization of faith, family, and falsehoods into transformational hope, forgiveness, healing, life, and love. Viable speaks life into many life experiences therefore transcending race, religion, politics, and speaks to vastness of God’s love for His creation.”

—Gisele Gathings, Composer and Jazz-Gospel Vocalist of “Choices” and the Character “Judy” in the play, Viable

Gisele Gathings

"I knew that I wanted to bring the Viable play after seeing it at National Right to Life Convention . I knew that it would be impactful and it was. In the evaluations, many people identified the Viable play as the thing that they liked most about The Pro-Life Pro-Family Coalition Conference. An Ob/GYN doctor that had been practicing for many years indicated that lines in the play were statements that she has heard over the years from her patients. We were especially gratified that several groups were so touched by the play that they want to bring it back to the area to churches and schools.
I hope this happens because EVERYONE should see this play. Thank you Viable cast, John Hoover, PHD and support staff for doing an awesome job."

—Dr. Joronda Crawford, Co-Founder of Pro-Life Pro-Family Coalition of Chicago

Viable is a one-act play, live on stage.
Viable is a heart-warming, triumphant story of a mother heavy-laden with secret shame, sorrow, and self-condemnation for 30 years because of her choice—until she experiences the healing, renewing, and restorative love of Jesus Christ in a most unexpected and unusual way.

The one-act play, Viable, is not about the legality, constitutionality, or politics of abortion. It is about God’s perspective on grace, mercy, restoration, and redemption. On average, 1 in 4 women in any church in America has experienced abortion in one way or another and most of them take the secret to their graves.

In 70 minutes, with three actors and two chairs, Viable’s simple-but-powerful storyline is a passionate portrayal of one woman attempting to protect her own emotions amidst decades of post-abortion trauma. Like millions of women in the United States and around the world, the leading character, Judy, suffers psychologically for three decades from a wound that time alone won’t heal until she encounters the redeeming love of Jesus Christ in a most unexpected and unusual way.

Viable launches a journey of healing and restoration for women and men through the love of Jesus Christ. Expressed through the unconditional love of a child, Judy experiences the forgiveness of Jesus and is fully forgiven and set free from self-condemnation. As highly controversial and electrically-charged a social issue as abortion can be, Viable follows a journey of restoration, renewal, and hope through the eyes of one woman heavy-laden with despair.

Gisele and Scott performing Viable Cropped

“The word got out quickly. There had been a one-act play preceding the formal beginning of the National Right to Life Convention that had the audience’s brains engaged, their hearts softened, and their tear ducts working overtime. The name of the play was ‘Viable: The Truth of God’s Love Presented in One Act.’ This is a play steeped in the Christian faith that leaves an indelible message that our God is a forgiving God who seeks reconciliation with His children regardless of their pasts.”

— Dave Andrusko of NRL News Today 

Viable Act II is a five-module, counselor-facilitated online healing and restoration experience featuring videos of each of the five scenes in the play. Sample client intake questions are included.
Viable Act II is the bridge between the play, Viable, and your counseling room. The healing power of Jesus Christ is at the core of Viable. His peace that passes all understanding, regardless of what caused the original distress, is the point of the play. In Viable, decades of undifferentiated anger and self-condemnation filled Judy with rage toward herself and those she loved until the healing love of Jesus comes to her in the night. Only the tender love, mercy, and grace of Jesus Christ can fully heal women and men who have made emotionally devastating and relationship-destroying choices in their lives that can shadow and enslave them for the rest of their lives. The worst part of human choices that leave a wake of shame and regret is the wall that they build between themselves and the opportunity for a personal and intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior. Only through the truth of God’s love can the most emotionally wounded among us be fully forgiven and set free.

Now that termination of life in the womb can be secretly self-administered at home, the need for PASS (equated to PTSD by Psychology Today on October 25, 2010) healing is now often more immediate than the years and sometimes decades that women and men frequently suffer before realizing how badly they need to seek help. (Click here to read more on the Viable Act II demo page)

Viable Act II

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Viable broke all attendance and fundraising records in the history of the South Carolina Citizens for Life Proudly Pro-Life Dinner. The same can be true for your church, university, or special event when you replace your customary keynote speaker with the one-act play ViableIt was a bold move by SCCL President, Lisa Van Riper, our Board, and by me as Executive Director. 

But, God more than blessed the results.

- Holly Gatling, Secretary of the National Right to Life Committee and Executive Director of South Carolina Citizens for Life

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